Thursday, June 25, 2015

Getting to Know Numbers 1-30 Gets a Complete Facelift

One of my very early TPT products was Getting to Know Numbers 1-30.  This set served me well, it had a spot on my calendar wall and I used it daily.  Students were able to see a variety of ways to show a number.  It also got me talking about tally marks way earlier in the year than usual.  But as I looked at the cover and the contents of it is was reminded of how much it needed updating.  So here it is, a product that took me far too long to revamp is finally here.......

Getting to Know Numbers 1-30 Superhero Style

I have included ideas for how to arrange the pieces on poster board.

Just so you have an idea of what it looked like before.... here you go.  Again, it was functional, but not so cute.

Are there any products you are looking to redo this summer?  I am so glad to have crossed this one off my list, and I absolutely LOVE the new look.  Grab one for yourself by clicking on the image below.

What do you guys think of the new look?  What products do you plan to give a facelift to this summer?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Color of the Week- Red- The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear

I like to start the school year off with colors of the week.  It helps most of my students build their confidence about being in school. It also teaches those who were not in school before or who may be second language learners their colors.  Each week has one main book with activities to introduce literacy, and math skills into the curriculum. 

Day 1  

We'll start by reading the book:The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear.  Once we have read the book, the students complete this page from the Mailbox Magazine.  I use it as a recall from the book instead of for predictions.!/editorial/what-to-do-3

Day 2

We reread the book and complete a half page about characters and glue it into our academic journals.  The students trace the words at the bottom and draw a picture of the mouse in the frame.

Day 3

We once again read the book and the students work on sequencing the events in the story.  They use these pictures from the Mailbox Magazine to sequence the events.  This early in the year a lot of my students do this incorrectly without support.  I usually project the page, have a class discussion about the order of the pictures, and then cut them out and place them in order and keep them projected. (Yes at the beginning of the year I still do have students who cannot place numbers in order, or follow a model on the board, but at least it helps those that are able to and I can spend more time with the really needy ones.)!/editorial/what-happened-3

Day 4

We reread the book and focus on the vocabulary words.  We especially talk about the word disguise. The students complete a half page journal entry about the word and then create the disguised strawberry craft.

Here is an example of what it looks like in my students' journals.  (Please ignore the missing eyeball, it fell off in the middle of the year sometime.  And I only decided it would be a good idea to have a picture of this the last week of school.  Way to procrastinate!)   I just loved these eyebrows and mustache so I had to showcase this one.

You can find the journal pages and the art activity by clicking on the image below.

Another part of the color of the week theme are the poetry journals I will be using this year.  I found this awesome poetry pack from Kindergarten Smiles.  In this pack there is a poem for each color of the week and a whole year's worth of poetry.  What I love about this set is that it includes the poems and also pictures for the kids to glue into their journals and then students create the backgrounds.

Some other choices of books for the color red:
Clifford, Ten Apples Up On Top, The Little Red Hen

Some other websites for color of the day/week:
My Color Pinterest Board
I would love to hear from you about how you do color of the day/week and what books you use.

Friday, June 5, 2015

FREEBIE! Alphabet Booklets!

My students are officially out of school for the summer.  I have to go back today and finish some cleaning and a tiny bit of packing.  This is perfect for the beginning of the year in Kindergarten.  Introducing *FREE* Alphabet Booklets.  Click on the pictures below to grab it.

Enjoy your summer!