Sunday, April 17, 2016

Numbers to 20

We just finished working on numbers 11-20.  Understanding that they are one group of ten and some ones and also being able to add for sums to 20.

For whole group I have been using EngageNY and pieces of GoMath.  I am a huge fan of EngageNY. With this program, students really get to be hands on with numbers and they develop strong number sense.  My absolute favorite thing about EngageNY unit 5- numbers to 20 is the idea of drawing a number in a ten frame pattern.  Here is what it looks like for a 17.  I love that it is such a quick sketch that students are not distracted by drawing ice cream cones, dinosaurs etc.  I have my students circle the groups of ten once they have finished drawing.

It didn't take long for my kiddos to understand numbers 11-20, so we moved into adding to 20.  My  class was strong in adding to 10, and adding to 19 seemed to go even easier thanks to drawing the 10 frame way.  I feel like this strategy is the best idea since sliced bread!  I did also let my kiddos use other strategies they were comfortable with to solve addition problems; using counters, number lines, fingers or just a strong memory of addition facts.

During small groups,  I had my highest group of kiddos working on this adding three numbers pack from Miss Giraffe.  I love that this pack explicitly taught adding two numbers to make a ten and then adding some more to make a teen number.  


My middle of the road kids and lower kids were working on developing an understanding of numbers 11-20 by adding 10+8 to get 18.  All my kiddos caught onto that rather quickly.  So these groups also started adding numbers to 19.  In small groups, these kids did lots of hands on with ten frames and counters.  They also did a fair deal of drawings in the ten frame way (like above.)

This awesome app from the National Council for Teaching Mathematics is a great resource for adding numbers past 10.  After you move the chips to the ten frames you are instructed to make a group of ten.  (So you would drag 2 chips from the bottom ten frame to make a group of ten, have 6 left in the bottom to get 10+6=16.)

They also have a game for 5 frames and sums to 10-

I have created a set of math journals to go with this unit.  Here is a look at them.

I hope you find these resources useful.  Please link up any resources below that you use to teach numbers 11-20.