Saturday, March 7, 2015

Read Across America Week part 3

A focus on Dr. Seuss makes it the perfect time to revisit rhyming with my students.  Specifically, that you can use words you know to develop patterns about how to new spell words.  I pulled out a great rhyming resource from the beginning of the year- Rhyme Time Concentration by Stay and Play.  I printed the pages on different colored paper, cut all the cards out then separated the words and pictures.  The words were set out on tables and students were given pictures to match to the correct words.  Students grabbed a new picture once they had matched the first set.  We did this for all 48 pictures.  Then we used them to create an anchor chart that now hangs at the writing center. 

We created our own Green Eggs and Ham rhyming posters.  Students glued the "I will not eat them" phrases on their papers first and then chose from a selection of rhyming phrases to add to their papers.  As they were working I was able to assess students' understanding of rhyming.  Once they finished, students practiced reading their rhymes in preparation for presenting to the class.  This was their favorite part of the whole project!

Later in the week students created their own rhyming books.  

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