Thursday, August 18, 2016

2016-2017 Classroom Pics

I've been working for the last two weeks on getting my classroom ready for the kiddos.  Tomorrow morning is meet and greet and I still have bins to put away and some thing to organize.  But here are pictures of my classroom so far.

Here is my word wall and writing center.  I love the banner look of the letters and the black against the blue.  On top of the writing center I have metal bins from Target with color words on them.  I put extra crayons in those so when a kid can't find a color, they can grab one from there.  The bin on the writing center is full of paper, stencils and picture dictionaries.  On the table itslef in binders are my science and social studies vocabulary cards.  I just put the card pages in plastic sleeves and the students can write about our current social studies or science topics.

On the left are numbers 1-20 and my book bins for Daily 5.  My Smart Board is in the middle and half of my calendar can be seen on the right.  I painted the calendar with magnetic primer and then a dark gray paint.  I covered up a kinds gross looking brown chalkboard.  My calendar (like a few other places in my classroom) is not finished yet.  More pictures to come!


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