Sunday, May 31, 2015

Five For Friday with FREEBIES

I am super excited to take part in the Five for Friday linky party.

1. One way to stay organized for guided reading.  I always start off each school year with the intention of being  more organized that the prior year.  (Sound like anyone else?)  So last summer I created a guided reading database in hopes of using it all year to keep track of and plan my guided reading groups.  The good news is, when I remembered to use it, it made planning super efficient.  But did I always remember to use it? 

If you happen to use Journeys Kindergarten at your school, maybe this will help you stay organized...  It includes the books titles, DRA level, sight words, phonics skill, and vocabulary for each book.  The best part... it's FREE, so enjoy!

2.  The number of vacations I have planned.  I'll admit I have been rather spoiled when it comes to summer vacations.  Although my husband is not a teacher he worked in a job where he would get LOTS of time off.  We would use the summers to go all sorts of places.  Well he got a new job, and with that new job came a lot less vacation.  So this summer he and I will just be taking a weekend trip.  I'll be planning it once school is out. 

I am also going on a shopping/eating/drinking trip the ladies on my mom's side of the family take each year.  This year we are heading to Atlanta.  I am not looking forward to the late July temperatures, but I am looking forward to spending time with my family!

3.  The amount of days I have been feeling totally out of it due to a nasty head cold.  The good news is I am finally starting to feel better.  Hopefully for my last week with the kiddos I will be back to normal.

4. The amount of times I have to wake up to an alarm clock until August!!!!!  (Technically I am signed up for 3 trainings this summer so I will have to get up then.)  But there are only 4 days left for students! 

We have our Kindergarten promotion ceremony coming up this week where my kiddos will be getting awards and performing for their parents.  It has turned out to be very time consuming preparing for this, but I think it will all be worth it.  With the help of an awesome friend at school (I have two left feet) my students are performing a dance from Just Dance Kids.  They have worked SOOOO hard on this, I can't wait for their parents to see it.


5. Five freebies for you to kick your summer off right!  I have been working to update my TPT products.  Here are five updates or new freebies for you to enjoy!


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