Saturday, May 2, 2015

If You Give a Pig a Pancake Literacy and Math Centers *FREE*

I had been submitting items to Teachers Pay Teachers to be featured as part of the newsletter every week for a while. Finally this past weekend, my plant unit vocabulary was featured!!!! I was ecstatic! Over the past week I have gone from 272 to 418 followers; 7,137 downloads to 14,930! I am still calming down from my excitement! If you don't happen to have the plant unit vocabulary yet you can grab it here.

As a thank you to all my new followers and the followers who have been with me for a while I created a If You Give Pig a Pancake Literacy and Math Center Freebie!
For these centers you print out each page on a different color of cardstock paper.  No color ink needed!
Here is practice for writing -an word family words.  I let a student of mine do this and the rest of the class was so jealous.  Nothing like a little motivation to get playtime cleaned up quickly.  (evil grin)
  In this center, students match stacks of pancakes to the correct magnetic number.  There is also a recording sheet for this center.

Not pictured but also in this set include- beginning sounds and rhyming words.

Happy Teaching,
Kerry Antilla

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